Why are Benibeca male swimshorts so unique?

Why are Benibeca male swimshorts so unique? Why is Benibeca so different? Because of its capacity to set new trends precisely by avoiding trends. It’s a blow of fresh air, a breeze full of beating energy that ignores the status quo established by the fashion industry.

Unique male swimshorts designed by Benibeca
Orun, unique male swimshorts for men by Benibeca

Benibeca’s inspiration is based on a retrospective towards the most archaic, tribal, pure and exotic lifestyle. We respect and cherish cultural plurality and we get overwhelmed by the authentic beauty of the customs and traditions of primitive tribes and their pure connection to nature. Our designs are born from our humble, personal and artistic interpretation of their spirit, combined with the distinctive colors of the Mediterranean landscapes.

Tribal inspiration

Details from authentic tribal art

Wild beauty

African man, by Samuel Ernesto

Mediterranean nature

Colors and textures that inspire us

The designer, Anjara García, loyal to her passion for travelling and wild experiences, has studied the most recondite territories from Africa, Asia and Oceania in search of what she calls “the authentic inspiration”. The aim of her spiritual researches and journeys has been to create a genuine brand, far from the homogeneous artificiality of the swimwear market.

She dreams of visiting the Tonga island in Polynesia, in order to get the chance to admire the primitive designs of the ngatu – mainly known as tapa cloth -, that is, barkcloth tapestries typical of the region, famous for their tropical and traditional patterns.

Exotic inspiration for unique male swimshorts
Tribal tapa cloth, authentic inspiration for male swim trunks

She’s carefully studied these fabrics and reinterpreted and transformed them according to her unique taste for design and the characteristic Mediterranean colors available at the  – which gives name to the brand itself. These have served as inspiration for some of our best seller male swimshorts.

Her only intention is to respect, admire and pay tribute to the untouched pureness of the art of primitive societies, which still to this day remain deeply connected to nature. Some of our male swimshorts have even been baptized after different tribes, such as the Nuba, the Himba, or the Dinka male swim shorts.

Anjara let herself fall into the arms of the magic and the mysticism that the Sub-Saharan Africa emanates, and she fell in love with the body art made with colored clays or the scarifications of the Nuba people -in Sudan-, which she got inspired by for some of our most emblematic models, like the Simba male swimshorts.

Inspiration for the unique male swimshorts by Benibeca

She studied the traditions of the Zulu people – from the KwaZulu-Natal region in South Africa – and she got fascinated by their primitive dances, and by the spirituality and the vibrations of their movements. From the sensations that the natural harmony of their arms in movement made her feel, our African Dancers model was born.

African Dancers, unique male swimshorts

In order to design some of the Benibeca male swimshorts, Anjara also got inspired by the wildest customs and the use of color of the most instinctive Huli people, in Papua New Guinea. She also admires the archaic low reliefs belonging to the Maya civilizations in Chichen Itza, and the patterns of the traditional colorful necklaces of the Turkana people, in Kenya.

Unique male swimshorts for men, designed by Benibeca
Unique male swim shorts designed by Benibeca
Unique male swim trunks for men, designed by Benibeca

Why are Benibeca male swimshorts so unique? Because they are art, magic, and pure spirit. Our brand is a modern and artistic reinterpretation of the soul of the most primitive and beautiful tribes in the world. Anjara does not intend to incur in cultural appropriation, but to get inspired by the beauty of their art, in order to pay them tribute and show them her honest admiration and respect. She wishes to show the world her humble and sincere understanding of the sensations that they make her feel. She seeks to bring authenticity to the world of fashion, and to bring the cosmopolitan man closer to his most instinctive, adventurous and primitive side.


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