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Isaac Carmona

ISAAC CARMONA Isaac Carmona Hurtado is one of the most iconic ambassadors of our men’s designer swimwear collections. He started his modeling career when he was 19 years old, in Madrid, working for different renowned brands. Afterwards, he was invited to collaborate with various prestigious firms in Turkey and Italy (Milano). However, Isaac is a […]

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Artur Dainese

ARTUR DAINESE Artur Dainese, one of the leading ambassadors of the Benibeca men’s designer swim shorts, is a Ukrainian model and influencer. However, he grew up in Milan, where he has developed his professional career not only as one of the most sought-after models, but also as a travel planner and real estate consultant. Cosmopolitan […]

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Marcos Soler

MARCOS SOLER Marcos Soler Ferrer is a young Spanish influencer and content creator from Valencia, and one of the main ambassadors of the Benibeca men’s swim trunks collections. True to his origins, passionate about photography, design, and gourmet gastronomy, and with an adventurous and traveling heart, he shares his lifestyle and his travels around the […]

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Manuel Ordovas

MANUEL ORDOVAS Manuel Ordovas, known by the pseudonym Mordovas, is a Spanish fashion photographer and blogger, and one of the most prominent ambassadors of the Benibeca luxury men’s swimsuits. This young man from Madrid, graduated in Business Administration and Management, and passionate about photography, is considered to be one of the most important male influencers […]

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Alfonso Gómez

ALFONSO GÓMEZ Alfonso Gómez is one of the main ambassadors for our men’s luxury swimwear collections. He is a content creator and publicity and marketing specialist born in Valencia (Spain) in 1994. He is currently working on digital marketing strategies for a renowned company in Madrid, which is especially focused on hostelry. Besides, driven by […]

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Timothée Collinet

TIMOTHÉE COLLINET Timothée Collinet is one of the main ambassadors of the BENIBECA men’s designer swimwear collections. He is a German content creator and model whose goal is to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle, so that they can experience the happiness that comes with it. Thanks to his modeling career, he has had […]

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