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At BENIBECA, sustainability is a cause that we care deeply about. We believe in quality, timeless products made with care and concern for the environment, and that manufacturing responsibly is a true mark of modern luxury.



Our commitment to environmentally responsible production begins with our design process. Rather than trend-driven styles, the brand returns to focusing on exclusive designs and motifs with a very personal and unique character, which stand out with their own light among the rest of the international swimwear brands.

we provide our customers with well-made and wearable wardrobe staples cut from the fabrics that will stand the test of time, leading to a naturally extended life cycle for each and every product.

Each new collection is manufactured in small quantities to try to eliminate waste caused by overproduction.



We work with certified factories that share our commitments to quality products, environmental principles, and ethical working conditions.



2022 is bringing to Benibeca the new era of sustainability with 100% recycled fabric, designed exclusivity for Benibeca. The new fabrics will offer the texture and hand feel as it´s always been.

Having long used ecologically responsible, biodegradable cardboard boxes to send out every online order made, we are working to further improve the sustainability of our packaging, prioritizing recycled and recyclable materials in place of single-use plastic within our supply chain. To this end, we will introduce all-new poly-bags next 2022 made from recycled plastic, across both e-commerce and wholesale orders.



BENIBECA considers environmentalism to be of the utmost importance as we move forwards as a company. We pledge to continue to innovate and improve at all levels, from production to personal conduct amongst our staff, in order to reflect a company-wide commitment to sustainability. We hope that our customers will do the same.


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