Our men’s swimwear brand, Benibeca, is now present at the most exclusive boutiques and department stores in the world. After only four seasons since its recent beginnings in 2017, our original prints have managed to compete along the most renown brands of the men’s luxury swimwear market. This season we have experienced with pride an average of a 300% growth in sales, and we continue on our path of learning and improving our designs and services, in order to successfully satisfy the stylistic needs of the dear members of our international community.




Benibeca was born from a peak of inspiration and from the honest and sincere wish to become an original and innovative men’s swimwear brand. By refusing to follow the status quo of the superfluous and temporary trends of the main fashion runaways, at Benibeca we decided to opt for a long lasting and different concept that would help us design timeless apparel.
We get inspired by the artistic expressions and the cultures of the purest and most exotic tribes in the world, which are reluctant to follow the contemporary homogenization process, and remain true to their own essence and connection to nature. From our designer Anjara Garcia’s own interpretation of their art – which she truly admires – and from the combination of her passion for fashion and the vivid colors of the Mediterranean landscapes, Benibeca came to life.
 At the moment our men’s swimwear brand is displayed at prestigious points of sale in some of the main countries in the world. You may purchase our clothing from the modern beaches of Miami in the USA, from the picturesque coast of the ancient Mykonos, in Greece, or from the vibrating and never sleeping streets of Tokyo, in Japan. Our brand is featured at renown stores like Just Brazil, Printemps, De Bijenkorf, Soho Beach House Miami, Nino Álvarez, etc.




Besides, we are constantly working on expanding our horizons and on being present at the most exotic coast destinations in the world, which is why we are proud to announce that our next Spring Summer 2020 collection will be available at different exclusive department stores and high-end boutiques in Mexico as well.
Internationally not only have we achieved an important market niche as a high-quality men’s swimwear brand in barely two years, but our designs have also been displayed at some of the most prestigious fashion fairs.



Almost from the very beginning, our original and exotic prints, which stand out among the rest of the brands, have allowed us to be present at the famous Pitti Immagine Uomo fashion fair in Florence, a biennial must-go-to event for the most distinguished brands and retailers. 
This season Benibeca has also had a privileged stand at other important international fashion events, like the well-known “New York July Men’s Project, the “Supreme Women & Men” in Düsseldorf, or the “Brandboxx Fashion Premiere in Salzburg.



And if you hadn’t had the chance to meet us at any of these events, we are currently being represented by different specialized showrooms in many countries, like USA, Spain, Austria, Greece or South Korea. Definitely, Benibeca has strongly emerged in the international men’s swimwear industry with the intention and eagerness to stay for long. We are a relatively young brand, but our hard work and our efforts to constantly improve our quality season by season have helped us meet and exceed all our expectations and those of our dear clients.



Benibeca was born from the research work, the spiritual trips, the inspiration and the talent for fashion of the Spanish designer Anjara García, who has personally designed by hand every single one of our patterns. Her true and devoted dedication have turned Benibeca into a refined, high-quality and international men’s swimwear brand.


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