Why not celebrate Christmas on swim trunks? If you don’t like cold snows, you wish to embark yourself on a not-so-traditional Christmas trip, or you’re simply happier sunbathing on an island paradise, keep on reading. Here we’ll show you our top 5 warm destinations that are ideal to travel to at this time of the year and also our favorite luxury resorts, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. And of course, we’ll also present to you an exclusive selection of the Benibeca swim trunks we recommend to you for each destination!



The Riviera Maya is undoubtedly one of the first places that come to our mind when we think about the best beach destinations to travel to in December, not only because of the spectacular beauty of its natural landscapes, its turquoise clear water or the soft white sand, but also because the dry season goes from November to April, which means you’ll be able to enjoy warm sunny weather on almost every day throughout these months.



A trip to the heavenly Mexican coast of Quintana Roo – where the Riviera Maya is located – is an utter dream on its own, but getting to stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in the area would turn your holidays into an authentic fantasy. The “Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort” offers exclusively designed lounges and restaurants, and dreamy suites with private balconies and pools, all surrounded by the majestic views of the Caribbean Sea. Can you picture yourself enjoying your Christmas dinner with the tranquil Caribbean waters and the orange-tainted sundown sky for background?



 Moreover, you can join the next-to-shore night clubs for vibrant parties; take a walk around the famous Fifth Avenue and breath in its eclectic combination of local restaurants, bars and art galleries; or if you wish to get even more immersed in their culture, you could visit Chichen Itzá – UNESCO world heritage –; Cobá – the highest pyramid in Quintana Roo –; the Maya ruins of Tulum; the Xcaret theme park; or the mysterious underground caves of Río SecretoAnd so that your vacations can be even more wonderful, don’t forget to bring with you some of our most elegant swimwear models from our Ready to Swim & Wear collection.  




Another one of the best beach destinations to travel to in December that cannot be overlooked is the Paradise Island in the Bahamas. As its own name indicates, it’s the paradise of luxury vacations, and even more so if you decide to stay at “The Ocean Club” Four Seasons Hotel, often visited by worldwide renown socialites.

Its dreamy elegant gardens, inspired by the French Versailles palace, are completed with luxurious stairs, stone paths, artificial water fountains, and a romantic cloister made of European columns and arches. Surrounded by the turquoise clear water of the Nassau Harbor, and the exotic purple beauty of the autochthonous Bougainvillea flowers, is the perfect retreat if you wish to enjoy a few days of peace in one of the most amazing spots on earth, away from the commercial tourism industry and the concerns of the outside world.



 Also, you’ll be able to walk at sunset along its private beach – over 8 kilometers long –, welcome the New Year with a glass of champagne from the balcony of your own suite, play golf at their private club, or reconnect your soul with nature during a regenerating Balinese-style spa session.



For the relaxing hours we recommend you use one of our shortest models, whose colors inspired by the Mediterranean coast landscapes will allow you to feel in tune with nature. What do you think about our Sky, Calatea or Jungle swim trunks? Instead, for the Christmas beach dinner, you should try on one of our most elegant and sophisticated models from our Ready to Swim & Wear Collection that are made using the same chromatic line, as the Kasimba, the Sky, or the Awopupa trunks.



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 If you want to consider another one of the best beach destinations to travel to in December in the Caribbean, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the out-of-a-dream landscapes of the Cayman Islands and the exquisiteness of The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman Hotel, located in front of the renown Seven Miles beach.

It is considered by many to be the most exotic and paradisiacal enclave in the Caribbean. Its transparent turquoise waters and the soft coral sand turn it into a magical place fit for an unforgettable vacation where there is no room for boredom or conventionalities. You can practice snorkeling; dive among vibrant coral reefs full of life or ancient wrecks; cross the skies while doing paragliding; rent jet skis or even “fly” above the dreamy clear waters with a jet pack. You can’t either forget about visiting George Town, the capital of the islands, or the Cayman Turtle Center. And of course, any visit would go unnoticed if you left without visiting the Cayman Crystal Caves or if you didn’t swim along the playful stingrays in Stingray City.



And after an adventurous day full of aquatic activities, there is nothing more relaxing than an exquisite dinner at one of the six luxurious restaurants that the Ritz-Carlton hotel offers to its guests. They also have two outdoor swimming pools, an aquatic park for the whole family to enjoy, the biggest dancing salon in the islands, golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, and certainly, exclusive suites with private balconies that will allow you to breath in the mesmerizing view of the Caribbean landscapes from your own bed.



And so that you can enjoy one of the best beach destinations to travel to in December while remaining loyal to your personal taste and style, don’t forget to pack your favorite Benibeca swim trunks.




Another top beach destination to travel to in December would be, with no doubts, the Baros Maldives Resort in the Maldives, especially if you wish to spend your winter vacations with your partner. Winner of the world’s most romantic resort title for six years in a row, this complex is composed of private and secluded tropical villas scattered around the exotic Baros Island, and by other ones that are located on an artificial structure in the middle of the Indian ocean, separated from the shore. Can you picture yourself waking up in the Christmas morning to the mesmerizing view of the vast turquoise sea that extends beyond the horizon?



It’s certainly the most ideal destination for couples, which is why many of its activities are very romantic and intimate.  You can ask them to prepare you an exclusive and unforgettable candlelight dinner at the beach or choose an even more exquisite experience and enjoy a sophisticated menu on top of an artificial little island in the middle of the ocean.



You can also drink a glass of fine wine aboard a luxurious yacht with your loved one, or get astonished by the beautiful colors of the sunset from a seashore swing. And in order to make your experience even more remarkable, you must visit the marine center – so that you can get to meet their centenary turtles – or go diving to explore the underwater legendary beauty of their coral reefs.

And last but not least, so that you can look stylish in all these memorable moments, take with you your favorite Benibeca swim trunks. As you will be in an intimate and private environment, we recommend to you our shortest and most comfortable models from our “Shortest Trunks” collection.




Dubai is undoubtedly the apotheosis of luxury, style and exclusivity. If you have already visited the natural island paradises mentioned above, and you want to enjoy the best beach destination to travel to in December, why not try an artificial one? Depending on the kind of experience you’re looking for, we recommend you either stay at the famous Atlantis The Palm Hotel – located on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah -, or, if you’re looking for absolute luxury, rent a suite at the world’s most exclusive and luxurious hotel, the highly renown 7 stars Burj Al Arab Hotel.



The modern beauty of one of the most fascinating and extraordinary cities in the world, combined with the tranquility of the clear waters of the Persian Gulf and its artificial islands, will turn your vacations into a dream impossible to ever forget. Dubai is the go-to-destination for the authentic lovers of luxury and grandiosity. You can engage in numerous activities along its beaches, but if you are indeed staying at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, you won’t probably want or need to ever leave it.



Nevertheless, it feels like in Dubai there is not enough time for all the adventures that await. You can go kite surfing or be more daring and rent a jet pack; you can visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, the biggest flower garden in the world which contains over 100 millions flowers; you can visit the dreamy Global Village theme park, composed of multicultural recreations, products and shows from over 40 countries; you can admire the beautiful steel skyline of Dubai from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; you can go on a safari throughout the Arabian Desert, etc.



And of course, get ready for the best Christmas dinner of your life at the subaquatic Al Mahara restaurant – located inside the Burj Al Arab Hotel and under the waters of the Persian Gulf. Taste the distinguished flavors of the highest cuisine in the world, prepared exclusively by a worldwide renown 2 Micheline stars chef, and welcome the New Year surrounded by exotic fishes and vibrant coral reefs. What else could one ask for?



And so that you can enjoy the artificial – or natural – beaches and the private swimming pools and jacuzzis with style at one of the best beach destinations to travel to in December,don’t forget your swim trunks.


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