Benibeca — Men's contemporary fashion brand with a purpose

Benibeca — Men's contemporary fashion brand with a purpose

At BENIBECA, we believe in fashion with a purpose. We're all about providing you with thoughtfully crafted menswear collections. That means quality over quantity, knowing the source of your purchases, practising sustainability, supporting local artisans, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

But our mission at BENIBECA extends beyond that. Your purchases make a huge difference in the world, and we want you to know that.

Here's everything you need to know about our collaboration with Adelante Africa Secondary School as part of our commitment to humanity - we'd love to share their story with you.

Remember, every time you buy from us, you’re consciously contributing to their excellent humanitarian work too!


A fair and equitable world is our mission

The journey with Adelante Africa Secondary School began when Benibeca’s founder Anjara and a close friend Raquel Sanchez, a well-known PR in Spain, were inspired to assist a humanitarian cause for African children.

"We both have a dream to help children in need, and we are actively striving to achieve that dream." - Anjara, Founder and Designer, Benibeca.

While visiting orphanages in Africa to find a project they could contribute to, Raquel came across Adelante Africa. In her words, it was the purest and most humble orphanage, one that had an extraordinary heart for children. Slowly but surely, we connected with them, resulting in a close working relationship and making a difference in continuing their cause.

With Benibeca's growth, we are contributing more and more to our little ones. Furthermore, as the founder, “I am pleased to know that my work contributes to the well-being of others. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of many more beautiful projects to come” - Anjara, Founder and Designer, Benibeca.


Adelante Africa’s story

Adelante Africa began with a visit to Virunga National Park, famous for its gorillas. On this trip, a group of Spanish and British tourists got stuck in the local area and stopped by a nearby primary school. The tourists were devastated by the poverty-stricken conditions, filled with AIDS-affected families and child refugees. So they decided to take action and rebuild the school through their initiative.

Once they created a new school, they soon realised that the village needed more support. Malaria was on the rise, and malnutrition was widespread. At this point, they decided to settle long-term and help the local people.

From there on out, they opened a children's home, where 63 children were rescued. The organisation worked on integrating the children back into their community - by spending weekends with local host families. They later founded a second school in 2017 through a sponsorship program for 60 children who needed an education.

Among other initiatives, Adelante Africa plants vegetable allotments, installs water tanks and offers interest-free microloans for community projects. They also have health programs where a group of Spanish surgeons volunteer to operate for a week at a time.

This organisation is supported entirely by those who dedicate themselves to it voluntarily, there are no paid staff, and all trips are funded personally by those who participate. Contributions from donors are exclusively used to support community projects.


A collection that transcends beyond summer swimwear into social responsibility

We're inspired by people's stories and motivated by their activism and passion for humanity. Human stories move us to make a change. Our contribution to Adelante Africa gives back a percentage of our sales to help marginalised groups and minorities live better lives.

Maintaining a solid commitment to humane causes that offer real and lasting changes is a key component of our values and mission. We are proud to act as a catalyst for change - and you should be too! Every time you purchase swimshorts from Benibeca, we donate 1€ per item to the school for a brighter future for Uganda’s children.

You can show your support by following their cause at @adelante_africa

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