The men’s swimwear brand that places value on sustainability and slow-fashion

The men’s swimwear brand that places value on sustainability and slow-fashion

Fashion with a conscience is our mantra at BENIBECA. Our menswear identity is not only defined by our unconventional masculine style but also by our ethical values!

We're here to outfit you with slow ‘luxury’ fashion devoted to the planet and its people, so read on to find out more! 


What is slow fashion?

Simply put, slow fashion considers the methods, resources, and processes that go into producing clothes. The movement advocates buying better-quality materials and valuing fair treatment for people, animals, and the planet. Compared to fast fashion, slow fashion focuses on reducing consumption and production.


Organic production, upcycling, circular economy and fair trade define Benibeca.

As Benibeca evolves, we constantly rethink our fashion cycles and production methods. Since every purchase affects people and the planet, we aim to develop high-quality collections through honest, cooperative, and transparent actions. Fairtrade, organic production and upcycling are among these.


100% RPET men’s luxury swimwear

Since polyester is non-biodegradable, we must prevent it from entering oceans and landfills. Because of this, we decided to make all our swim shorts from 100% recycled polyester (RPET).

With RPET, we prevent the extraction of virgin oil for production and reduce CO2 emissions as we break the chain of fossil fuel dependence. The result is a lightweight, quick-drying, robust, durable, high-quality fabric made of slow-fashion material.


Stylish men's T-shirts made with organic Pima cotton from Peru

Each of our garments is made with Pima cotton from Peru, the finest, cleanest, and most durable cotton in the world. Pima cotton fibres are soft and firm and retain colour over time.

By using crop rotation, our cotton providers grow organic Peruvian Pima cotton without artificial fertilisers, making them a pioneer in organic certifications. So, soils, ecosystems, and populations linked to these areas are preserved. Organic certification also ensures fair trade for producers. In Peru, GMO seeds are equally banned to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

Low environmental impact dye

We dye our cotton garments in a way that limits harmful chemicals. Quality criteria must be met for low environmental impact dyes, including the absence of carcinogens and heavy metals. The liquid dye must absorb a large amount of moisture to remain transparent when the fibre acquires the desired shade. In addition, they should contain little salt since salt is corrosive and can damage fabrics, ensuring the highest quality.


The respect and dignity of our workforce come first at Benibeca

People always come first at Benibeca. All our suppliers comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Treating our supply chain workers with dignity and respect is essential to us. We believe in fair wages, a healthy environment, education, and equal opportunities.

We are also actively working to preserve the ancestral knowledge of our artisan partners. In our exchanges with communities, we are committed to reviving ancient craftsmanship. The purpose of our work is to recover handcrafted wisdom.


Fashion that promotes work-life balance

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability in its broadest sense, Benibeca has always encouraged work-life balance. Without offices, the brand's employees can work from penthouses in Los Angeles or beach huts in Kenya. A work-ethic model like this promotes creativity, flexibility, and performance. It's important to us that our teams, employees, and suppliers have the space they need to move and think freely. Plus, no office means minimal CO2 emissions.


An ethos that goes beyond fashion to foster a fair society

Passion for our planet and humanity motivates us. That’s why maintaining a solid commitment to slow fashion will always be at our core.

The great news is every time you purchase with Benibeca; you’re sparking change and contributing to a healthier planet. Moreover, 1€ is donated with every item to the Adelante Africa Secondary School to ensure a brighter future for Uganda's children. Through your contribution, marginalised groups and minorities can live better lives. Take a look at our Adelante Africa blog to learn more!

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