Where to buy the perfect sustainable swim shorts

Ocean-Rescued Plastic Men's Swim Shorts

Where to buy the perfect men's Sustainable Swimming Shorts 

Revolutionizing men's swimwear with a touch of designer luxury and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Benibeca stands at the forefront of conscientious fashion.
Our swim trunks redefine the notion of style as a force for positive change, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with eco-conscious practices. Crafted exclusively from ocean-rescued plastic, these swim shorts transcend fashion boundaries by actively avoiding virgin oil extraction, reducing CO2 emissions, and addressing the challenges posed by non-biodegradable materials.
At Benibeca, people take center stage in our narrative. Aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, our suppliers ensure respect, dignity, fair wages, a healthy environment, education, and equal opportunities throughout our supply chain. We're not just reshaping fashion; we're contributing to a healthier planet and preserving ancestral knowledge for generations to come.

Discover a Unique Solid Color Swim Shorts Palette

Meticulously curated by our designer, to add a touch of opulence to your style. The Solid Collection embodies a sleek aesthetic, while the sustainable and technological fabric provides unparalleled lightness, strength, and quick-drying features, complemented by the softness of our exclusive 'peach skin' texture.
Solid Color Swim Shorts Ibiza

The Original Men Printed Swim Trunk Collection

For those seeking an even more distinctive touch, explore our Original Printed Collection, each piece bearing the designer's artistry by Anjara García. Inspired by contemporary luxury, wild beauty, and the exoticism of primitive cultures, these limited edition swim shorts serve as a canvas for artistic expression, weaving a tale of innovation and style.
Our swim shorts lineup features three distinct models with varying lengths. The 'Shortest,' the briefest version, and the 'Shorter,' a mid-length trunk, offer versatility, crafted from recycled plastic with a nylon mesh and an elastic waistband that naturally conforms to the body. The 'Short,' suitable for both swimming and casual wear, is of mid-length and thoughtfully designed with soft nylon mesh and an adjustable elastic waistband, ensuring a perfect fit with side buttons to keep everything in control.

Dive into a new era of unique and conscious style with Benibeca.

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