Benibeca lands and launches in Ibiza among our club members

Benibeca lands and launches in Ibiza among our club members

Last month, we celebrated our official Benibeca launch in Ibiza by hosting a delectable summer Mediterranean brunch in a prime Finca location overlooking the countryside hills. The gathering was superbly attended by our workforce, affiliate marketers, influencers, ambassadors, local residents, and some of our biggest collaborators and supporters.

It was a pinnacle moment of acclaim, marking a life-changing moment for our designer, Anjara Garcia, who has authentically followed her heart and the whispers of the wind to find her home and roots in a place that is a renaissance of the brand's ethos and chic luxury style.


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An apex moment - Benibeca’s menswear belongs to Ibiza

Anjara was captivated by the magical white island from the moment she arrived. She describes, "It was as if I knew right away - this is where I belong, and where my brand belongs - nothing happens by accident; destiny has guided me here, where I can find everything that embodies me from nature, spirituality, wellness, socialising, and an incredible foreign entrepreneurial and stylish community."


Redefining Ibiza's luxury men’s resort wear

And so it is! From here on out, the Benibeca collection will be redefined for its unique colour palettes, prints, fabrics, and designs – that now exemplify and pay homage to the island of Ibiza.

As Anjara reimagines men's luxury fashion to fit every image of the exclusive Ibiza traveller, “we'll blend more and more luxury, quality, raw materials, and boho chic style synonymous with the islands spirit into our collections".


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Benibeca’s here to stay in Ibiza 2023 and onwards

The culmination of all that, along with the opening of our new flagship store in Ibiza Town since spring 2023, left little choice but to host a party intended to showcase our brand, our advocacy for the island, and our future aspirations with Benibeca's culture.

And yes, we festooned a little and decked out in some adornment to mark the occasion. There's nothing quite like a pink early-morning fruit cava punch to elevate the mood and talk about fashion.


The new wave of Benibeca’s island presence

In our eco-friendly packages, we presented our unsurpassed designs as gifts for attending men who love unconventional styles and talked about the Benibeca Club. Everyone was delighted to hear about our member project, which has grown internationally, and we're planning even more parties, events, discounts, and collaborations with some of the coolest spots on the island.


A special thank you from our fashion designer and her team

"My sincere thanks go out to everyone who attended and our team, who always put everything together with passion and style. The Finca villa, Can Quince, we stayed in was of the highest standard (thank you to the owner, Sophie), authentic and in accordance with Ibicencan architecture and timeless decor, which reflects our unique island ambience and personal style. Last but not least, I would like to thank all of our hosts for providing us with a wonderful culinary selection, a generous amount of bubbles, and excellent service. The event was a truly memorable moment and will be cherished. It will also be a source of inspiration for continuing on our journey as a sustainable designer label that embodies a man's masculinity and his ability to look sexy - all summer long!" - Anjara Garcia.


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