That designers such as Christian Louboutin and Philip Starck have fallen in love with Comporta is no small feat. This area of the Portuguese Alentejo is famous for its wild environment and an atmosphere of calm and tradition. The expertise with which its people have interpreted the contemporary spirit (while preserving their heritage) attracts aristocrats, actors, and other influential figures. Their favorite place of pilgrimage? The exclusive Hotel Sublime Comporta.



Just an hour separates the urban pace of Lisbon from the calm of the Comporta region. In this territory protected by the Portuguese government, nature at its wildest prevails. On its beaches of crystal clear waters and green spaces, the human hand is reduced to a minimum. But it is not only the natural capital that attracts people to Comporta, the peaceful atmosphere of this small town has transformed its character into a way of life that has attracted artists of all disciplines (from Madonna to painters such as Anselm Kiefer or Jason Martin). Something that seems to recall the atmosphere of Saint Tropez in the 50s and from which the so-called Comporta Style has developed. This trend, led by VeraIachia, breathes simplicity, elegance, and a spirit of good manners that takes shape through earthy materials such as cement, wood, or heather. An aesthetic that draws on local authenticity and reinterprets it from a contemporary perspective, as described in the book Comporta Bliss (Assouline).




It is in this narrative that the Sublime Comporta hotel is articulated. An eco-luxury experience based on sustainability, honesty, and a privileged environment. It is a contemporary refuge that takes slow travel to its maximum expression. Time seems to stand still in the complex's 14 hectares of pine, cork oak, and olive trees. Among them are buildings that breathe the legacy and calm of the environment, built according to the precepts of Lloyd Wright's organic architecture. From the materials applied to its buildings to the energy self-sufficiency, the hotel presents itself with an attitude of respect towards nature and those who live there. The large windows that dominate the buildings reinforce the link with the essential and give it the leading role. This is how the owners of the hotel Gonçalo Pessoa and Patrícia Trigo understand the most exquisite minimalism. Something that also enhances biophilia, or in other words, the sense of wellbeing of those who live in these places.




The result of an integrative work with the environment are surprising spaces such as a biological swimming pool inspired by the fishing port of Carrasqueira and built by local fishermen. They have replicated their traditional houses in the form of suites from which you can literally jump into the water. This water is chemical-free, as it is treated only by aquatic plants. This method helps protect the ecosystem and allows diverse plant and animal species to coexist in this sustainable version of a pond. Its swimming pools, whether for private use, indoors, or sheltered by pine trees, are the instrument for blending in with the environment, as well as the perfect habitat for Benibeca swimwear (available in the hotel shop).



The decoration of the interiors also invites calm, as dictated by the Comporta style. White-dominated spaces where wood, raffia, and traditional blue-tinted fabrics call for relaxation. But the experience is memorable not only in the bedroom, because Sublime Comporta is a place to lose and find oneself, and one of the best scenarios to do so is the spa. In their rituals, the therapists use local ingredients such as rice, salt, and plants grown in the hotel's "Organic Garden". Set in the same garden is the Organic Circle, an open-air culinary proposal limited to 12 people that follows the "garden to table" philosophy. In the hotel's own words: "With a menu based on sustainable production and with fire playing a leading role in the cooking process, people can enjoy an unforgettable experience in direct contact with the chefs and the earth". Another must-see place in the complex is the Beach Club, a space supported by the dunes that invite you to spend time with friends and let yourself be carried away by the true Comporta spirit.


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