What types of swimwear do we offer? ¿Which one is the best option for you? It may be a frequent question if you’re thinking about buying one of our products. Now that Summer is coming, and you’re leaving for the Maldives with your partner in a few weeks, or you’re getting ready for an amazing yacht trip to the Portuguese Algarve with The Ocean Week and your best friends, it may be the perfect time to renew your wardrobe. Any occasion becomes more memorable with the right outfit, right? 
When we talk about the types of male swimwear Benibeca offers, there are three main categories:

The “Classic Mid Length” collection.

The “Ready to Swim & Wear” collection.

The “Shortest Trunks” collection.


These types of male swimwear have the most traditional cut and classic length, although their exotic and original prints, and their vibrant colors inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes turn them into a unique piece of your wardrobe. They are the perfect combination of tradition and modernism, and they are ideal for men who want to stand out and wear a different garment that reflects their personality without risking way too much. They mix a cut that favors everyone and every body shape, with colorful classy prints (or plain fabrics!). And of course,… who says bright colors can only be worn by young people? Whatever age you are, these shorts are perfect for you!



This is our most versatile and elegant collection. At first sight they might seem normal street shorts, but in reality, they are swimwear! They are made with a sophisticated cut, zipper and buttons, so that you can adjust the waist exactly to your body shape while you look stylish. They can be perfectly combined with moccasins and a nice white shirt for a promenade, or you can use them for jumping into the pool! Also, all our shorts are made of ultra-quick drying fabrics for higher comfort. With this collection, you won’t only get a new garment for swimming, but also a new street short for Summer.



These are the perfect type of male swimwear for modern, daring and cosmopolitan men. We are sure you’ve always wanted to wear some trunks with a shorter cut, that’d allow you to show off tan legs without giving up on style, but most options are slips or boxers. That’s exactly why we have created this collection. You’ll be finally able to wear stylish short swimwear without worrying about being too daring or showing way too much.


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