Benibeca is not just a fashion brand.

We design clothes with a purpose.

We act as an agent of change towards a more equitable and fair world.

The world needs fair distribution of resources and projects that take into account the human factor. People inspire our work, and their stories motivate us to engage in change. Our contribution is based on giving back a percentage of our sales to improve the living conditions of groups and minorities living in inequality. It is essential for us to maintain a solid commitment to humane causes that offer real and lasting opportunities. 


Handicrafts deserve a place in the fashion industry.

Benibeca is fundamental support for artisans to resume their activity and achieve sufficient living conditions. We support our producers with rates that dignify traditional forms of work. In addition, we give back each artisan an extra 1% of the sales of the garments they have made and are purchased through Benibeca's online shop. Manufacturers such as Raúl Núñez, an Inca descendant who specializes in loom work, or Eusebio Nuñez, a weaver craftsman, are already part of the Benibeca family. Both live in the artisan village of Hualhuas, at an altitude of more than 3,200 meters in Peru, which has been deeply affected by the Covid-19 crisis. These people, whom we name, share their ancestral knowledge generously and are essential in the production of luxury pieces such as ruanas. Sharing a part of our profits with them is our way of caring for those who carry out key work to develop the brand and face unfavorable conditions. We want to create a positive benefit in their lives, so they continue to grow and to be better prepared for possible adversities.

One euro of our sales goes to the NGO Adelante Africa,

which works for child and social development in Igayaza, a remote village in Uganda and a new kind of slow luxury define the DNA of the brand.


Human stories move us and Adelante Africa's is an act of giving marked by destiny.

It all started with a tourist trip to Virunga National Park, famous for its gorillas. As fate would have it, the truck in which a group of Spanish and British tourists was returning got stuck in exactly this area and had to stop at a primary school. It was a very poor school, built for the children of war refugees and families with AIDS from the north of the country, who could not afford the minimal fees of the Government in this area. This mud building, with classes separated by ragged curtains, touched the conscience of the travelers who decided to take action and rebuild it. 

After creating a new school, they realized that the village needed more. Some children were suffering from malaria, others from malnutrition... and they decided to settle in and work closely on human needs. So they also created a children's home where they have rescued 63 children from death. The organization also works for the integration of the children, who spend weekends with local host families. In 2027, through a sponsorship program, they founded a secondary school for 60 children who see education as their way out of poverty. Adelante Africa also participates in community projects for adult education by planting vegetables the elaboration of home water tanks or interest-free microloans, among other initiatives. They also have health programs, such as the visit of a group of Spanish surgeons who travel to the locality to operate for a few days.

We want to be an active part

Those who dedicate themselves to this organization do so vocationally, they are all volunteers, they do not have hired people, and the trips are paid for personally. The money from donors is used for the projects, the operation of the website, and bank transactions. At the moment, they work with teachers, farmers, and small business owners who form a group of twelve local volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to benefit the community. We want to be an active part of the initiatives of this organization of social changers. With our financial contribution, we make it possible for some of Adelante Africa's projects to become a reality. 



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