Great stories begin with a vision. The idea behind Benibeca was to design a resort wear brand for those who enjoy contemporary luxury. Conceived for men who break the mold and look for exclusive, quality experiences, we design one-of-a-kind pieces for the bon vivant of the digital age. 

Benibeca is inspired by art, culture, and the adrenaline of those who have adventure written in their genes. A synergy that merges into exquisite collections with a cool bohemian spirit. The prints and colors made in Benibeca and the brand's fashion icons define the dress code for a forever holiday mindset.

Benibeca captures the nomadic spirit of its designer

in collections that explores luxury experiences.

Anjara García is the founder of Benibeca. With a career in fashion spanning more than two decades, the Spanish designer has developed an unprecedented notion of resort wear: A brand that departs from the fast market trends to create its own approach to lifestyle and contemporary luxury. Benibeca captures its creator’s nomadic and passionate spirit in collections that narrate experiences in the first person. To do so, Anjara explores creativity through direct immersion in different realities. Her roadmap is marked by villages of Inca origin located at more than 4000 meters above sea level, megalopolises such as Shanghai, NYC, or exclusive coves on the coast of Ibiza. In contact with these scenarios, she catalyzes the ideas that give shape to her designs. Capturing this feeling of uniqueness and giving it shape into fashion is the constant challenge of this passionate businesswoman. She also navigates innovation to achieve visually and technically sublime garments. This devotion to research has resulted in one of the most comfortable and sophisticated swimwear in its category. In addition to functionality, the designer personally develops the signature prints and colors that shape the exclusive Benibeca palette.


Benibeca takes its name from a fishing village on the island of Menorca and the so-called Mediterranean style is printed in the character of the Spanish designer. Organically, the natural beauty of the Balearic Islands and their new wave of exclusive slow destinations connect with the creative flow of the brand. Benibeca’s lifestyle is aligned with the new Ibiza hedonism that explores a more introspective and intimate luxury. Mediterranean culture and people are imagined through five-star comfort: A sunset with a rosé? From this contemporary prism and cosmopolitan energy, Benibeca captures the unique nuances of the Mediterranean soul and imagines a paradise transformed into fashion.

The vibrant energy of the Balearic coasts, the island’s pure beauty,

and a new kind of slow luxury define the DNA of the brand.


From the balance between innovation and primitive, Benibeca creates a genuine and sublime universe

Ikigai is the Japanese word meaning the reason for being. For Benibeca, it lies in creating a unique universe and doing so in the most respectful way. Articulated from a genuine concept, her collections abandon temporality to become icons of a meaningful wardrobe. The personal growth of its creator also inspires this narrative, aimed at a new generation of successful men who value quality, style and maintain a strong ethical and social conviction. Aware that all production leaves a footprint on the planet and its people, Benibeca develops processes that reduce environmental impact at all levels. Fabrics made from recycled plastic that have achieved excellence in terms of quality and design are the cornerstone of swimwear. From these fibers with a second life, the velvety finish characteristic of the firm is achieved. It is not only sensoriality that has been implemented in these fabrics, but also their technical efficiency in highly breathable and quick-drying materials.

Benibeca, the connection with the modern man is the balance between nature and digital environments or how the primitive meets technology. Through innovation, the brand turns to contemporary craftsmanship. Driven by the desire to recover the traditional forms of pedal-powered clothing, the creator's latest destination has been Peru. There, she has traveled to remote villages of Inca artisans such as Hualhuals to recover their handmade techniques. This immersion in this part of the Andean country has allowed her not only to be inspired by an ancient culture but also to recover the processes on a human scale. Hours of handcrafted work with local weavers have resulted in unique pieces based on tradition and exquisite design. "The only way to maintain and grow craftsmanship is to innovate in design", says the designer.


Vernacular motifs from the indigenous legacy, the sublime beauty of nature, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences are the starting points of our collections. Colors, techniques, and prints are inspired by the ceremonial references of cultures such as the Cupisnique and their mythological vision that links the divine and the earthly. But Benibeca is also a brand connected to the modern world and technology. The excitement of an African journey, New York or Paris city vibes, and the new realities of digital environments transform the way Benibeca shows itself to the world. Through exclusive prints and pieces, created by our designer, a fashion story is developed for those who stand beyond the ordinary.

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